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Other debate videos:

April 2015: GOP Coles District BOCS Primary
April 2015: GOP BOCS Chairman Primary Debate

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Bill Golden is Bill4DogCatcher

Bill4DogCatcher.com is where I crosspost newsclips and my daily postings about business, economics, jobs, and politics.

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Bill4DogCatcher has some rules:

  • Please join for serious discussion.
  • Facts have sources, so please provide links to facts.
  • Facts are debatable. So let’s try that approach. (Arrrgh!! Statistics!!)
  • Not all facts are facts. Let’s explore that. Let’s be factcheckers.
  • Feel free to challenge my assertions. I will feel free to challenge yours.
  • No trolls. Life is too short. I do not tolerate talk radio personalities and partisan bullet point discussions.
  • My friends are conservative, liberal, moderate, centrist and often undefinable.  I am open to exploring many new ideas, and welcoming of almost all religious perspectives. However, facts are facts and faith does not represent fact. Show respect to all.

Barry White – America

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